Department of common physics

Head – PhD, professor Klinskikh Aleksandr Fedotovich

Department of theorethic physics

Head – PhD, Frolov Mikhail Vladimirovich

Department of mathimatical physics and information systems

Head – PhD, Pereselkov Sergei Alekseevich

Department of solid state physics

Head – PhD, Seredin Pavel Vladimirovich

Department of nuclear physics

Head – PhD, professor Kadmenskii Stanislav Georgievich

Department of optics and spectroscopy

Head – PhD, professor Ovchinnikov Oleg Vladimirovich

Department of radiophysics

Head – PhD, Korchagin IUrii Eduardovich

Department of electronics

Head – PhD, professor Bobreshov Anatolii Mikhailovich

Department of expiremental physics

Head – PhD, professor Drozhdin Sergei Nikolaevich

Dean's office