What is the basic Department?

The base department is a special department at the faculty, which is opened by the company. This department trains specialists who are needed in the company. A stricter definition can be found in the law.

At our basic departments training takes place in the master's degree. To do this, you need to go to the direction of “Radiophysics” and pass a competition for the desired Department.

Classes are conducted by employees of enterprises, because students get practical experience that will be needed in their future work.

The head of the department must be a person from the company. Part of the classes, we have about half, are employees of the enterprise. It is necessary for students to gain experience from real experts in the industry. All students of the department are required to practice at the enterprises.

What is taught in your basic departments?

The company «AEDON» develops and produces power supply systems. The company specializes in development and serial production of compact DC / DC-converters and ready-made power supply systems according to customer requirements.

Students are engaged in circuitry and learn to design their own devices. They study special programs for modeling power supplies, get acquainted with the equipment for their manufacture and testing.

«JCS Concern «Sozvezdie» develops and produces high-tech intelligent control and communication systems, electronic warfare and special equipment that meets the needs of the Armed Forces and other special forces.

Students of the department learn to program microcontrollers, study the principles of digital signal processing, simulate real communication channels. The guys work with complex devices for analyzing signals in the time and spectral region.

What are the training conditions?

Do not confuse the training in such departments with the target set. Students enter the budget and are not required to work for a certain period after graduation. But the majority remains to work in companies, because consciously received these departments. The companies take all the students who studied faithfully for two years in the master's program.

Practices and part of the classes are held on the basis of enterprises. So it is more convenient to use the equipment and solve the necessary tasks.