How to use the rating list?

  1. Go to site.
  2. Under the title” information about the contest “ find the column Rating list.
  3. Enter the required information on the lines. See the GIF above for an example.
  4. Put a tick in the box “Do not show passing on a higher priority.” It is necessary that in the list there were only those who pass on your direction.

Key dates in the admissions process

July 26 - the last day of reception of documents. Until that day, you can apply or make any changes to it. It is important if you do not pass on the budget, but want to study at the VSU for Commerce, then specify the contract in the application must be before this date.

August 1 — the last day of acceptance of documents for admission to the first wave.

August 3 — the order on transfer of the first wave. Applicants enrolled in the first wave of the lower priority, continue to participate in the competition for higher priorities automatically. Additional statements do not need to write. If you pass through the competition in the second wave, then automatically deducted from the lower priorities and enrolled in the higher.

August 6 - completion of acceptance of originals for admission to the second wave.

August 8 — the order of admission of the second wave to full fill the vacancies.