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Field of interests:  few body physics, angular distributions in processes of atomic and molecular physics
including reactions with polarized particles, the separation of collective angles in quantum
N-body problems, quantum theory of angular momentum.

Born in 1973 in Voronezh (Russia)
1996 –   graduated from  Voronezh state University  (VSU) with MA degree in physics,
1996 – 1998 PhD student at VSU, supervisor - Prof. Manakov N.L.
1998 – received PhD degree in physics,
1998-2001 – professor assistant at the theoretical physics department at VSU,
2001- April 2004 -- postdoc position at the theoretical quantum dynamics group  (head Prof. Briggs J.S.) at Albert-Ludwigs Universitaet
July 2004 – 2005 - Professor Assistant at Voronezh State University.
(Then - Guest Scientist at the Finite Systems group of MPIPKS Dresden.)
2006 – 2009 - doctorate at Voronezh State University.
2010 – D Sc degree in theoretical physics.
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List of publications as a HTML file is here.  The same list as a BibTeX file is here .

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Emacs stuff
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MAXIMA stuff
Coming soon :-)
Summation of infinite series using hypergeometric functions & rotation matrix and coefficients in 3D space - work in progress.