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Department of general physics

Department of general physics



Klinskih Aleksandr Fedotovich - Head of the Department of general physics

Klinskih Aleksandr Fedotovich

Head of the Department, Full professor

The Department of physics has existed in the faculty of physics and mathematics since the day of VSU formation (i.e. since 1918). Professor Nikolai Sakharov headed the Department (currently his name is the laboratory of mechanics - room 145). In 1941, our University was evacuated to Elabuga. After returning from the evacuation to Voronezh in 1945, the head of the Department was associate Professor Kozlobaev I. P., then he was replaced by associate Professor Pivovarov M. M. in 1964, when he was commissioned a new (main) building of the VSU, began to operate the Department of General physics. The first head of the Department was associate Professor Nina Evdokimovna Markova.


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General physics Department today

Department of General physics existed from the date of formation of VSU. The head of the Department was...

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