Faculty of Physics

Department of theoretical physics

The Theoretical physics Department was founded and for many years ideologically inspired by doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences, Professor, honored scientist of Russia Rapoport Lev Pavlovich (1920-2000). Professor Rapoport L. P. from 1956 to 1993 headed the Department of theoretical physics of Voronezh state University. During this period, L. p. Rapoport managed to prepare and gather the most talented students through the institutes of postgraduate study and competition, rallying them not only in the General direction of research topics, but also in the common principles of scientific and purely human relations.

Head of the department

Frolov Mikhail Vladimirovich

Department of solid state physics and nanostructures

The history of the Department begins with the opening of the Department of electromagnetic oscillations in 1936. Its founder is Maria Afanasievna Levitskaya (1883 - 1963) - one of the first Russian women scientists who discovered submillimeter waves in the scale of electromagnetic oscillations. And in 1961 the Department became known as the Department of solid state physics after separation of the departments of optics and nuclear physics.

Head of the department

Domashevskaya Evelina Pavlovna

Department of radiophysics

The Department of Radiophysics was founded in 1953. The organizer of the Department and its first head was candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor Pavel Mikhailovich Trifonov (1909-1992). During its existence, the Department conducted research of ultra-long television reception, radio wave propagation in different conditions, methods of electromagnetic field transformation for the purposes of radio vision, methods of spatio-temporal signal processing, statistical methods of synthesis and analysis of information systems and devices, etc.

Head of the department

Korchagin Urii Eduardovich

Department of optics and spectroscopy

The Department of optics and spectroscopy was established in 1961 by its first head associate Professor Elizaveta Nikolaevna Ivanova and a small group of teachers: S. M. Yazykova, N. N. Kirsanova, T. A. Oleynikova, R. P. Vorobieva, A. N. Latvian. Up to this point, they all worked at the Department of electromagnetic oscillations under the guidance of the world-famous prof.M. Levitskaya, where scientific research and specialists in optical spectroscopy of atoms, molecules and solids were produced.

Head of the department

Ovchinnikov Oleg Vladimirovich

Department of semiconductor and microelectronics physics

The Department of semiconductor and microelectronics physics was established in 1959 in connection with the formation and development of the domestic electronic industry and the organization of a large scientific and production Association “electronics”in the Voronezh region. Since its Foundation and until 1961, the head of the Department was Katasonov Nikolai, associate Professor of the Department of Radiophysics of the physics faculty of VSU.

Head of the department

Bormontov Evgenij Nikolaevich

Department of general physics

The Department of physics has existed in the faculty of physics and mathematics since the day of VSU formation (i.e. since 1918). Professor Nikolai Sakharov headed the Department (currently his name is the laboratory of mechanics - room 145). In 1941, our University was evacuated to Elabuga. After returning from the evacuation to Voronezh in 1945, the head of the Department was associate Professor Kozlobaev I. P., then he was replaced by associate Professor Pivovarov M. M. in 1964, when he was commissioned a new (main) building of the VSU, began to operate the Department of General physics. The first head of the Department was associate Professor Nina Evdokimovna Markova.

Head of the department

Klinskih Aleksandr Fedotovich

Department of electronics

The Department of Electronics was founded in 1962. The structure of the courses studied at the Department corresponds to its specialization. First of all, students study the basic structures of solid-state electronics and their nonlinear properties, parameters and characteristics underlying the functioning of solid-state devices, including elements of integrated circuits. Much attention is paid to the study of digital and microprocessor systems that form the basis of modern electronics in information processing systems for various purposes.

Head of the department

Bobreshov Anatolii Mikhailovich
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