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General physics Department today

The General physics Department has existed as part of the faculty of physics and mathematics since the founding of the FSU (i.e. since 1918). The Department was led by Professor Sakharov, Nikolai Aleksandrovich. In 1941, our University was evacuated to Elabuga. In 1964, when the main building of the VSU was commissioned, the Department of General physics began to function.

The origins of the Department

The Department of General physics has existed in the faculty of physics and mathematics since the day of VSU formation (i.e. since 1918). Professor Nikolai Sakharov headed the Department (currently his name is the laboratory of mechanics - room 145). In 1941. VSU was evacuated to Elabuga. After returning from evacuation to Voronezh in 1945., the head of the Department was associate Professor I. p. Kozlobaev, then he was replaced by associate Professor M. M. Pivovarov.

In 1964 when it was put into operation a new (main) campus of VSU, beginning to funkcionirovat the Department of General physics. The first head of the Department was associate Professor Nina Markova evdokimovna. When it was concluded the first in VSU economic agreement. Under her leadership, the laboratory of the training workshop on electricity was created, the laboratories of the training workshop on mechanics and optics began to improve.

The first assistants of the Department were: Trofimova I. V., Gribkov, S. P., and Helen E. N., Shilov D. V., Vasilyev N. In. Krajcik R. N., Gontar A. G., Zotova, I. K., Nosov V. I., the first graduate students - Chernyshev V. V., Chernykh M. A., Akulov L. A., Chernyshova T. D.; subsequently, they, like Fungi, S. P., and successfully defended their dissertations and become leading lecturers of the Department of physics.

Since 1976. head of the COF was associate Professor meleshina M.. She focused on the methodology and methodology of teaching physics. Together with the assistants of FOSS and Zotova I. K. she published books to help students of Junior courses.

Since 1981. until 1999. (with small breaks) the Department was headed by Professor S. p. Gribkov.. He was distinguished by brilliant organizational skills, diplomatic flexibility, demanding and at the same time kindness and humanity. He paid much attention to the educational process and made the laboratories of the Department equipped with the most modern equipment.

Since 1999. head of the Department becomes an honorary worker of higher education, Professor Chernyshev V. He is a recognized authority in the field of research of anodic oxide films, has a large number of publications and patents, was awarded a bronze medal at the international exhibition of inventions.

In June, 2014. the head of the Department of General physics was elected Professor A. F. klinskikh

Current research areas

The Department of General physics is engaged in the study of physical properties of thin-film multicomponent nanostructures, as well as the development of methods for obtaining new materials with specified electrophysical properties; the study of the effects of ion-electronic interactions on the surface of semiconductors; the study of relaxation properties of liquid crystals exposed to static and periodically changing magnetic fields; acoustic spectroscopy of the kinetics of molecular processes in liquid crystals, including the field of polymesomorphic transformations. Also at the Department engaged in the study of diffusion processes and the formation of interfacial boundaries in the oxidation of metals and semiconductors.

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General physics Department today

Department of General physics existed from the date of formation of VSU. The head of the Department was...