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Department of radiophysics today

The Department of Radiophysics was founded in 1953. The organizer of the Department and its first head was candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor Pavel Mikhailovich Trifonov (1909-1992).

The origins of the Department

At the time of creation, the Department of Radiophysics consisted of three teachers: associate Professor Pavel Mikhailovich Trifonov, senior lecturer Nikolai Vasilyevich Katasonov, assistant Professor Igor Aleksandrovich Kamensky and 6 students.

The first graduation of the Department of Radiophysics in the number of three people took place in 1954. In 1958, the evening Department of the Department for training specialists in the field of “Radiophysics and electronics”was opened.

In 1959 the Department of physics of semiconductors and microelectronics was separated from the Department of Radiophysics. And in 1962 - Department of electronics. In 1989, the Department of information systems was established on the basis of the departments of electronics and Radiophysics, which later became part of the faculty of space Sciences.

At the Department of Radiophysics at the time the research was conducted:

  • ultra-long television reception, radio wave propagation in different conditions,
  • phenomena in semiconductors at ultrahigh frequencies, • how to transform the electromagnetic field for the purpose of radiovideniya, circuits with distributed constant parameters,
  • methods of space-time signal processing
  • statistical methods of synthesis and analysis of information systems and devices;
  • methods, equipment and analysis of electromagnetic fields of the microwave range.

Background to the organization of the Department of Radiophysics at VSU

The radio industry was successfully developing in Voronezh. Plant Electrosignal preparing for mass production of TV KVN-49 development Leningradskogo Institute of television. Authors Königson, Warsaw, Nikolaev. With V. K. Kenigson worked together P. M. Trifonov before the great Patriotic war, in the lab in the 1st all-Union Institute of television in Leningrad. The plant of radio components of all-Union value considerably expanded. Successfully implemented electronic methods and instruments in other plants of Voronezh. On the recommendation of the regional Committee of the Communist party it was decided to organize the Department of physics in the composition of the physico-mathematical faculty of Voronezh state University for targeted training for the emerging radio industry. At the Department of electromagnetic waves, led by Professor Levitskaya, Maria Afanasevna, at that time there was only a specialization of physics, part of the specialty “General physics”.

At the origins of the Department

In 1953, a competition was announced for the management of the newly organized Department of Radiophysics. At the invitation and competition for the head of the Department on September 1, 1953 was elected candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor, honorary radio operator of the USSR in 1948 Pavel Mikhailovich Trifonov. The organizer of the Department and its first head in the past - a native of Leningrad. P. M. Trifonov is a graduate of the physics and mechanics faculty of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. As a student, he was at the origins of the first time in the country and the world of a new specialty “Radiophysicist-researcher”. P. M, Trifonov’s teachers were known academicians members of Corr. USSR Academy of Sciences A. F. Ioffe, N. D. Papalexi, D. A. Rozhansky, P. L. Kapitsa, Ya. I. Frenkel’, A. A. Kharkevich, etc. at the same time at the same faculty he worked known academicians N. And. Semenov, A. V. Kurchatov, I. K. Kikoin and others In the Department, when Trifonov P. M. was a student at optical laboratory worked M. A. Levitskaya, was named after great physical audience VSU No. 428.

After graduation, in 1935, Tryphonov PM continued to work at the research Institute, where the engineer was a well-known organizer of the radio in the country a member of the Corr. USSR Academy of Sciences M. A. Bonch-Bruevich. Defense of the thesis for the degree of candidate of technical Sciences without supervisor Trifonov P. M. took place in 1951 at the Leningrad electrotechnical Institute of communication engineers. M. A. Bonch-Bruevich based on an experiment conducted before the war in the field of research of special broadband oscillatory systems on VHF for television.

Prior to the election to the competition for the head of the Department Trifonov PM had 27 years of experience in industry, research institutes and Universities. By this time he was the author of 34 scientific works, 27 of which were introduced at the enterprises of the USSR Academy of Sciences and in industry, had 6 diplomas, including 3 all-Union and Republican, for radio structures. Trifonov p. M.-participant of the great Patriotic war and the Heroic Defense of Leningrad in the blockade, was awarded medals “for the defense of Leningrad”, “for valiant work in the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945.”

In 1954 the Ministry of higher education approved the program of training of specialists in “Radiophysics and electronics”.

Current research areas

Modern statistical methods of synthesis and analysis of systems and devices for receiving, transmitting and processing information. The scientific school of the Department of Radiophysics carried out a complex of fundamental research in the field of statistical Radiophysics and Informatics. The results of theoretical and experimental studies of statistical methods and algorithms for the analysis of quasi-deterministic processes with unknown parameters, as well as Gaussian and Poisson processes and fields, the statistical characteristics of which contain unknown parameters.

Education at the Department

Training at the Department of Radiophysics - is to obtain comprehensive knowledge and special training in the field of Radiophysics, training of radiophysicists of a wide profile, also with broad erudition. In order to effectively train specialists, the Department actively cooperates with leading Russian educational, research centers. Areas of training: 03.03.03 Radiophysics (bachelor), 03.04.03 Radiophysics (master). Profiles: Physics of information systems and telecommunications, Computer technology of information transfer.

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Department of radiophysics today

The Department of Radiophysics was founded in 1953. The organizer of the Department and its first...