How to Apply to the Student Clinic

All students ever need help or a doctor’s advice. We tell you how to pass fluorography without any hassle, do vaccinations and spend a minimum of time visiting hospitals.

Registration: All students and post-graduate students of the full-time Department over 18 years can apply to the clinic. Including foreigners. To be assigned to the student clinic you need to register. To gain a foothold need to get a card and go to a doctor. You need to come to the reception with a passport, a policy of compulsory health insurance (CHI), SNILS and a student ticket. Report the transition to the old clinic is not necessary. Foreign citizens in the absence of the CHI policy can only use the office of paid services.

The clinic employs therapists and specialized specialists: * Dermatovenereologist * Infectiologist * Cardiologist * Neurologist * Otorhinolaryngologist * Ophthalmologist * Urologist * Surgeon * Endocrinologist

General practitioners are receiving at the sites. Instead of dividing by districts, as in ordinary polyclinics, students are divided into universities and faculties. Students of the faculty of physics are observed in the therapist Bobkova Svetlana Nikolaevna. Those who wish can go to the clinic vaccination. Of vaccination according to the Dean’s office on the Bulletin Board of the faculty. Chest x-rays can be done in the building on the Avenue of the Revolution,10. The fluorographic office is open on weekdays in two shifts: from 8: 00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 17: 00. Phone 255-58-24.

Electronic registration. To use the electronic registration, you need to register on the portal “public Services”. After registration on the portal, you can sign up for a doctor on the website of the registry. Now we will tell you how to do it. 1. Choose a specialist. 2. Choose a date. 3. Put a tick “only free” and choose the time. 4. Fill in the form, put a tick to agree to the processing of data and click “Register”. 5. Led a number of medical insurance, I agree to the processing of data and press “Register”. 6. Check the data, see the doctor’s name and office. When you go to the clinic, do not forget the policy of CHI and identity card.

The site has a form to check the status of the record. Enter the record number and click “Check”. The system will show if your record is approved.

Mode of operation and contacts The clinic is open on weekdays from 8: 00 to 20: 00. On weekends from 9:00 to 14:00 takes the doctor on duty. Address: Tchaikovsky street, 8 Phone: +7 (473) 255-66-12 Mail: studclinic@gmail.com

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