Student Council – Year-End 2017

Hi! This year was mega intense, and the next will be even cooler. 2018 will be 100 minus 1918, and then at the physics Department of the anniversary. It can’t be a year like this. But, until this far. Let us remember what is most memorable to 2017.


Tells the coordinator of the creative direction — Kate Pavelyev. The beginning of the year was successful-3rd place at the festival “Student spring-2017”. Won in the categories “Best entertainer”, “Dance of small forms” and BACH took a special prize.

Followed by everyone’s favorite contest “Miss Physics.” Each participant flashed with beauty and charm, and showed their remarkable (sometimes hidden) talents. The winner was Elizaveta Gogaladze.

6 times was “five Cup”, where the freshmen of the physics Department took 1st place. Now our faculty is the only one who has won the award twice!

At the end of the year, our freshmen won 2nd place at the festival “Freshman-2017”. In the Treasury of the faculty went to win in the categories “Best original genre” and “ VIA “ (vocal instrumental ensemble).

This year we will give you a New year’s concert. It is organized by freshmen. Come on December 28, at 18: 01 in the Assembly hall of the main building.


Will tell the Chairman of the student Council Alexei Elfimov. The Council works even in summer. This year we helped the Dean of admissions. Told the guys about the faculty, helped to understand the wilds of the rules of admission. As a result, 200 first-year students were recruited. It is good, we closed budget places and gathered some pay-rooms. So the boys are not lost in a large University, spent Stopstart. This year, we are very proud of the five-year start-UPS. I can talk about them for a long time, but time is short, because the main thing. This year, 130 people came to the student Maps. For the first time in the years that I participate, I was pleased with the second day. On this day, employers come and introduce children to their future specialties. This time we have gathered 7 companies. There was at least one firm for each direction of the physical Attack. Ie the guys from all directions were able to learn about their future profession.

The second time we had a Big question. It is possible to develop the game with not always funny jokes.

Together with three other faculties held a job Fair. 100 people came to us. 12 companies told the children about vacancies, internships and practices. With the Fair, we have a lot to strive for. Next year we’ll do even better. Plans for 2018: we will do better than the already established activities of the physics Department: admissions campaign, stopstart, job fair, supervision. We are going to do something new. The main tasks for the Council are to attract smart children to enter the faculty and help those who entered with the choice of profession and obtaining knowledge.


Head Yakov Breev. The Rubicon team took first place at the student physics tournament. Now the guys will represent Russia at the international tournament, which will be held in Moscow in the spring.

We helped to hold the Tournament of Three Sciences. The final stage of which was held at the VSU. The tournament gathered 21 teams from all over the country.

5 day of the final stage of TSU Helped with regional Tournament of Young Physicists which took place in the fall. Judged fights, looked for volunteers and helped children with their tasks.

Work further. Happy New Year!

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