Faculty of Physics

How to Apply for Financial Aid?

A student who has a difficult financial situation, can receive financial assistance, no more than 1 time per semester. Material assistance can be obtained regardless of academic performance and the availability of tails.

To get financial help, you need

Step 1

To take a statement on the Mat. help in trade Union of VSU (3rd floor, room. 336)or print.

Step 2

In the application you need to specify your Full Name, number of prof. ticket, faculty and course, phone number.

Step 3

Collect three signatures: * Signed by the course trade Union. List of shop stewards from the physics Department. * Signed by the Vice-Dean. You can get it at the Dean’s office, room 238. * Signature from a member of the scholarship Committee. Members of the scholarship Committee of physical Faculty from students.

Step 4

Be attached to the application: * A photocopy of the INN or a printout from the tax page with the number. * Photocopy of passport: first page and registration.

Step 5

To relate the documents together with an application to the trade Union, auditorium, 336. Financial aid usually comes on the day of the scholarship. The money comes in the next month from the date of application. The last day to apply this semester is may 31.After the expiration of the period you need to re-register it.

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How to Apply for Financial Aid?

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