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Interview With the Specialists at DataArt, Who Graduated From the Faculty of Physics

Mikhail Fedorov, head of DataArt in Voronezh

Physics very well helps to understand how the world works. My specialty was-microelectronics physicist, we were taught to design integrated circuits. Integrated circuit-this is exactly what modern electronics in many ways and consists. In my student days, computers were not something ordinary. At VSU, we mainly worked on VAX and “Electronics”, which we studied, carried out scientific calculations, but interesting software was not enough for them, unlike one IBM 286, to which there was always a queue. Because the resources at the University were limited, we had to find them somewhere else. Probably, this led to the IT-company. My first home computer was the ZX Spectrum game machine. The second — “electronics” MS-0515, which was collected at the “Processor” plant in Voronezh. It was on it that I wrote the first program, for which I am not ashamed — a music editor. The screen displayed a piano keyboard and a music notebook, it was possible to make a simple musical composition. I remember how with this program I came to the plant “Processor” — I did not know who else to show it, except them. The guards looked at me strangely, took me to the programmers — that’s how I met them. I remember the guys were very surprised, said that now they have a second program that will come with their computer. In exchange, I got a whole pack of floppy disks, which I was extremely happy about, because it was quite difficult to get them for my computer. But a computer is just a tool that allows you to do a lot for those who are familiar with algorithms, models, etc.. And physics, as the science of all natural Sciences, answers many questions and gives an understanding that allows you to successfully deal with everything else. Therefore, the physicist can work everywhere.

Victor Borisov, senior developer at DataArt

I am very glad that I finished the physics. Physicists get to the bottom of things, they wonder how everything works. It is very important to become a real programmer who understands how numbers are stored in the computer, how memory is allocated, how signals go through the protocols. Only having a picture of the world view of the internal structure of computers and programs, you can create great it-miracles. And only the physics write code inspired, otherwise used physicists fired instantly! Today, everything is developing so rapidly that professions become obsolete during their studies at the University. There are new ones, which are easier to master for a person who understood quantum mechanics. The Faculty of Physics gives the most developed abstract thinking, and the circle of people who possess it is narrow. This provides the widest opportunities to earn. By the way, before entering the VSU, I went to the open day and heard that graduates of the Department of microelectronics often become Directors of enterprises. Despite the fact that it was Soviet time, the thesis was confirmed on my post — Soviet experience-many familiar physicists became Directors of firms.

Alexander Kasheverov, front-end developer DataArt

The Faculty of Physics gave me universal technical knowledge, ability to work with large volumes of abstract ideas in formulas. I have learned to apply modern knowledge of mankind to describe natural processes. Many teachers were demanding and, frankly, thank them for that. And I never forgot how to sign the axis in the charts, that’s for sure! With the experience gained on the physics To learn to program it was not very difficult for me, besides the training was supported by personal research interest “how does the Internet work and what are the sites made of?” “There is no place to work after a physical Attack” — I think, in this phrase the attempt to shift responsibility from itself to faculty is hidden. Of course, you can find a job. The question is how to realize the existing opportunity.

Yuri Balan, leading specialist in testing, project Manager

After studying in the direction of “ Radiophysics “worked in the research Institute of communications (now Concern”Constellation”). I programmed and tested radio modems. Then he turned into a “clean” pros and ended up at DataArt. The Faculty of Physics, as well as the University as a whole, gives academic education, the applied parts of which are already outdated at the time of training. Therefore, in any case at work, if it is not related to scientific or teaching activities, you have to learn from scratch. But the Faculty of Physics is good because it gives a good Foundation - knowledge of mathematics plus the ability to understand very complex things — for further independent study of anything. In the field of IT, which in itself is an add — on over the exact Sciences-even more so. Programming is not primarily knowledge of a particular language, but the ability to develop the desired algorithm most effectively. Knowledge of languages and platforms is a matter of time to spend on their study. And so the ability to understand anything gives a physical Attack. Thus, if we talk about the field of IT, it is always possible to find a job where you need “people without experience or with minimal experience for cheap”, quickly pump their practical skills, get real experience and further move towards more interesting proposals in the labor market.

Vadim Bessonov, project Manager

While studying at the Department of Radiophysics, I got to the branch, which trained specialists for the Institute of communication. Was it related to IT? To some extent, I got into the unit, which dealt with systemic issues. The idea was to combine a number of disparate components into a system, and part of that system was SOFTWARE. Since the SOFTWARE had to be done, it was necessary to understand what was required of it. I got not directly in IT, but in the sphere that develops requirements for the software product. Then, when the requirements were developed, it turned out that there was no one to translate them in a language understandable to the developer, especially. That’s why I started doing programming. As for the training program, we had programming courses, however, in a rather small volume. Who the topic lit — those on themselves digging. Here at DataArt, I’m a project Manager, and I need more skills. Although without an understanding of how technology works, it will be much more difficult. Very useful skill of solving engineering problems. As a non-technical person with ten years of engineering experience, I have something to say to a developer with 2 years of development experience. I don’t know what physical Attack it is. But the one where we studied, really did not guarantee employment. It was possible, after graduating from the Department of microelectronics, to go to work in a very narrow area, it was possible to go into scientific activity, from the Department of nuclear physics, too, were working units. Having received a fundamental education, and in this area to go to work hard. But this is not due to the physical, and the education system as a whole. It is important to understand that the physical Gives some meta-skills that are not tied to a particular discipline, and help as a tool of knowledge and problem solving. To summarize, physics teaches you to think, switch between a specific problem and a General vision and draw conclusions. I think even that it is typical of any natural science education.

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Interview With the Specialists at DataArt, Who Graduated From the Faculty of Physics

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