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JetBrains Products for Students

We will tell you how to get code editors from JetBrains for languages such as C, Java, Python, etc.also, code analyzers for different programming languages will be available for students.

1 step

Go to [site] (https://www.jetbrains.com/student/).

2 step

On the page you will see the products available for students. Then click on the “Apply now»

3 step

The registration field opens. There are three ways to confirm that you are a student: - Use student e-mail. This is the address you use to access the Wi-Fi VSU; - Use ISIC (international student card); ISIC can be ordered on [website] (https://isic.ru/cards/isic/). The card gives a lot of discounts and benefits both in Russia and abroad. - Use a scan of the student card (in this case, the confirmation will take about a week). We have chosen a method with e-mail address VSU.

4 step

Fill in all fields and click “ Apply for free products»

5 step

Go to information portal of VSU.

6 step

Enter your username and password. They match the ones you use to access Wi-Fi at the University. We advise you to choose the style, as in the screenshot- “ Pronto»:

7 step

You will receive an email from JetBrains with a link to confirm your request. You need to follow the link.

8 step

Then you will receive another letter, which will link to the confirmation of the student license. That’s all. Now you can use products from JetBrains. The license is given for a year, then it will need to be confirmed again.

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JetBrains Products for Students

We tell you how to get code editors from JetBrains for languages such as C, Java, Python, etc

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