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The project Teacher for Russia is looking for an Ambassador to VSU

Project “Teacher for Russia” looking for an Ambassador at VSU. The Ambassador is a 3-4-year student or a graduate of VSU who will look for potential participants of the program in the University. The position of Ambassador will be interesting for those who want to try themselves in hr-management.

The Teacher for Russia program employs and supports teachers across Russia.

What is the responsibility of the Ambassador? * monthly offer 20 students or graduates of your University, who will be able to participate in the program in the next academic year. * organize presentations and thematic meetings at the University. * distribute printed products of the program (posters, stickers, postcards, bookmarks, etc.).

What privileges does the Ambassador have? * attending master classes in the areas of their work: recruitment, communication and PR, event Manager, etc. * trips to the regions. * acquaintance with the team and partners.

Salary is discussed at the interview. The contract is concluded for 7 months (from October to April).

A motivation letter and a short summary should be sent to Anna Konople: akonoplya@choosetoteach.ru

Details of the program can be found at the link: https://vk.cc/7Fa7IL

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