Faculty of Physics

From student competition of ASSK to the mark of distinction TRP

Predatory Beavers sports Club invites you to pass the standards in the framework of the project “from studzacheta ACC to the mark of difference TRP.”

The project prepares for the implementation of TRP standards and conducts preliminary testing.

If you want to participate, you need to: 1. Fill in the application: https://vk.cc/8uW2hN 2. Join the meeting: https://vk.com/bobry_vsu_gto 3. Come September 29, Saturday, at 10: 00 in the gym of the main building.

Exercises to be performed, you will find in the attached position. Those who fulfill the standards for gold and silver badges will receive a mark of “Studzionka” and a certificate. Holders of the gold sign will be invited to participate in the regional stage.

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