Faculty of Physics

VSU Will host days of scientific cinema

Next week at VSU will be Days of science film. Movies will be shown in the case of the Economic faculty, at St. holzunova 42V.

We can watch: — Brain. Second universe, 2016 December 10, Monday, 19: 00. Audience 203A.

— Arctic. Through the looking glass, 2016. December 11, Tuesday, 19: 00. Audience 203A.

  • Red and black, 2017 December 12, Wednesday, 19: 00. Audience 203A.

  • 24 snows, 2015 December 13, Thursday, 19: 00 Audience 203A.

  • History of silicon valley, 2018 December 14, Friday 19: 00. Audience 203A.

The organizers promise an entertainment program after the screenings and discussion with experts in the field, which was mentioned in the film. If you chose the film, register.

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